Top Best Shopify Apps To Help Your Ecommerce Store

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Shopify hasn’t only made it simpler for companies to sell their products online as well as increase their sales globally. Although it’s true that the eCommerce platform is equipped with numerous built-in capabilities, many applications in the app store allow a retailer to expand its offerings to customers. From optimizing their site for search engines to offering products to customers, setting up loyalty programs, and more, there are plenty of applications that merchants can pick from. How do you decide which are the most effective and best Shopify apps to boost your store’s sales?

How To Choose A Shopify App? 

If you’ve started your business and require assistance in increasing sales, we’ll be there to help. Many people ask about the most effective platform for developing your online store, but there are a myriad of options, but Shopify is the one that stands out. The platform provides all services you require for your primary worry to be managed. Are you ready to boost sales effectively and profitably via the best Shopify apps?

There is no way to go into the store without a list, do they? Even with the checklist, the grocery shopping process can be long, and placing items into your cart from every aisle at random is a nightmare! Your search for the best Shopify apps to increase sales is just like the one you’re on.

Select the best Shopify apps to host your online store to ensure that your store’s success becomes real. Be aware of these four things before making your final choice.

1. Concentrate On What You Need

Each brand’s focus is different. While one might want to establish credibility, another may want to boost the loyalty of customers. If you’re not particular about your requirements, begin by focusing on the issues you are facing, such as abandonment of carts at a high rate and low conversion rates, or excess inventory, for example.

2. Make A List Of The Apps

You may begin searching for the Shopify application if your requirements or issues are identified. For instance, a search using a keyword, such as an abandoned cart, can help you find the appropriate app.

The benefit is discovering the perfect app within the App Store of Shopify quicker due to the catalog of products that are sub-categorized to help you find specific apps more quickly.

3. Review Your Applications

Consider factors such as usability, price, and feature set when you conduct a Shopify assessment of the app. At the same time, some apps might provide a free trial, while others offer demos. Check their website reviews and make sure that you’re investing in paying for the plan. This way, you can determine the most appropriate Shopify applications for an eCommerce store.

4. Perform A Performance Audit

The actual work starts with trying out the Shopify application. Assessing the app’s performance for a couple of weeks is vital. Examine the results and when it’s performing well, then go for it. If it doesn’t, continue to search for the one that’s more suitable for your store online.

The Most Popular And Best Shopify Apps

Here are the top best Shopify apps that you can download to boost your sales

1. PushEngage

PushEngage is an email notification Shopify app that you can use to send customized messages to your customers. This allows you to retrieve abandoned carts, engage with customers when they’re on the website, and ultimately increase sales.

People are more likely to sign up to receive push notifications as they don’t need to divulge private information, such as an email address or phone number, to opt in.

The most remarkable feature is that you can quickly install PushEngage in just one click.

Key Features:

  • Customizable options display rules
  • Flexible push notification design options
  • Automated messages for abandoned carts
  • Audience segmentation
  • Simple setup, no coding needed

Ideal For:

  • Attracting attention
  • Reengaging visitors on site
  • Recovering abandoned carts

2. Lookbook

The Lookbook app from Shopify is ranked second in our list of top Shopify applications. The reason for this is that the online consumer of today is motivated by images. How a brand displays its merchandise in its store directly affects the purchasing decision of buyers.

Your store can use a Lookbook or image gallery to show product pictures and lifestyle pictures compellingly. It aids the buyer in understanding the benefits of the product and its appearance and feelings and making an informed buying decision more quickly. With this Lookbook application, you can create unlimited photo galleries.

3. AVADA SMS & Email Marketing Automation

SMS & Email Marketing Automation is a practical application that will help you maximize the effectiveness of email marketing. With both mass mailing and automated campaigns, AVADA can help you to create and deliver relevant messages to your segmented customers. It is one of the best marketing apps which work with Shopify.

With various proven automated workflows and gorgeous pre-made email templates, online stores can begin their email campaigns and turn customers quickly. In addition, store administrators can design attractive exit-intent pop-ups and spin the wheel to send out promotions and gather leads effortlessly.

The app also provides detailed reports of every campaign’s complete and precise performance. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and make adjustments over time.

4. Mailmunch

What is the reason for using it? This will help to boost sales in the email list you have. What’s more? Mailmunch is an easy-to-use platform that allows store owners to send out updates, product information deals, offers, and promotions via email.

Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for email marketing, and after installation, you can use any of the lead capture forms on your store’s website. Marketing automation from Mailmunch can easily manage your emails by assigning contacts tags that can sort or filter lists for segments of marketing emails.

Additionally, you can create your own custom Shopify pages in just a few minutes with the drag-and-drop builder. You can say goodbye to the burden of coding!

5. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM provides everything you need to manage and track your customers and leads. The best part is that it’s absolutely free for as long as you want it to be.

This application connects your online store’s information to HubSpot and uses it to customize and automate your marketing campaigns. HubSpot lets you ramp up your marketing and sales strategies by sending emails to users who have left their carts on your site so that you can encourage them to make the purchase.

HubSpot CRM keeps track of all your interactions with customers. All the information associated with them is automatically stored in the form of a neat timeline. This helps you to customize your approach to making contact with prospects.

6. Offset

If you’re looking to reduce your shipping emissions, which contribute to climate change, you can use Offset. Offset is a Shopify application that calculates the total emissions from your shipping orders.

This number is the cost of your Offset. It is usually low, a few cents for each order. The money goes to initiatives to protect the forest. Offset has a dashboard where you can view your impact on the environment, including the number of trees you’ve rescued, and then share the data with your customers. Moreover, it is essential to run your store in a proper manner to increase sales and generate more revenue. That’s why you must consider to hire Shopify Experts USA.

7. SEO Manager

Many store owners who are not tech-savvy are astonished to discover SEO is a complex and time-consuming process. Knowing the SEO aspects and the mechanism was initially confusing to most people. But it is still necessary to enhance and manage SEO as it is among the top efficient methods to provide lasting organic traffic to your website. SEO Manager is beneficial to simplify the process in just a few clicks. SEO is the central part of the web ecommerce store development that you must consider.

This highly-powered SEO application has more than 20 features, and I’ll just mention a few: edit titles and descriptions Keyword suggestions, image scan for text issues in ALT, Advanced Meta setting, Google page speed integration, Google mobile-friendly test and redirects to “out in stock” and sitemap management SEO issue search… In addition to the tools available, SEO Manager does regular SEO scans to provide you with detailed feedback on your SEO performance to help you improve it to the highest level.

8. Vitals

If you’re fed up with paying for multiple applications installed within the Shopify store, it’s time to move to Vitals. This platform will aid in eliminating problems caused by various plugins, like slow site loading or app conflicts. It provides many of the top best Shopify apps, around 40.

Some of the most-loved apps include Product Reviews, Announcement Bars, Shipping Information, Currency Converters, Pop-ups and Stock Scarcity countdown timers All-in-One Chat Instant Search, Social Media Buttons, as well as Content Protection and Quick Access Links and Scroll to the Top Button and SEO Alt Tags.

9. RefferalCandy

ReferralCandy is among the top Shopify applications that encourage word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding existing customers for referrals and allowing new customers to purchase through your store.

The app will automatically pay referral rewards, so you do not need to pay them manually. All you need to do is select between coupons, gifts, and cash rewards.

It provides information about additional sales, top referrers, and industry benchmarks by monitoring your referrals and showing you the data. It is also helpful to deal with any type of fraudulent activity or spam.

Suppose you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, in that case, you will enjoy extra advantages like an account manager with a specific role with enterprise-grade security as well as custom-designed features.

10. Printful

Printful is among the most popular dropshipping services for printing for store owners who sell printed and embroidered items like pillows and t-shirts. If a buyer purchases something from Your Shopify shop, Printful immediately fulfills the purchase and sends the thing to the customer.

The company handles more than 1 million items each month. It takes all aspects of shipping, inventory, and production so that you can concentrate on growing your business. If you are looking for Shopify best free apps, then this app is for you.

11. Smile

Rewards customers with exclusive benefits and attractive discounts and enticing the customers with a loyalty point program is the way to go. Smiles will do for your Shopify store’s achievement. The app is one of the most effective and best Shopify apps; you can concentrate on customer retention through promotions and pop-up campaigns and even boost sales precisely like that!

This loyalty program is about earning points for each act (placing an order and leaving reviews, etc.), preventing carts from being abandoned, and focusing on the retention of customers by redeeming coupons, points, and gifts.

It’s time to stop spending money on costly and unpredictably ad-hoc advertisements and turn to a one-stop solution that aligns the latest reward program to the Shopify brand.


Many Shopify applications can give you the boost you require to be ranked on search engines, increase sales, increase conversion rates, read top-quality product reviews, and much more. Many of these apps can be worth a try.

The list above of the best Shopify apps is precisely what you require as a component of your overall marketing plan for the best reasons. This list might not be the most comprehensive, but it’s certainly a starting point to knowing the different types of Shopify apps. Furthermore, Rankster Tech is always here to provide you with the best Shopify e-commerce development services and mandatory information to run your store correctly.

Remember, in the event that the app you pick does not work for you, there’s always room to try additional apps to explore.