Wondering How Much Does A WordPress Website Development Cost?

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WordPress is an open-source tool written in PHP for creating websites. It stands out in the IT industry as probably the simplest and most effective blog and website content management system available today. It is essentially a computer tool that provides very advanced services. WordPress has proven to be the fastest and most popular way to create a website. WordPress controls over 34% of all websites on the Internet (probably one out of every four websites you visit is created with WordPress). Are you wondering how much does WordPress website development cost? Let’s discuss it together.

Why WordPress is not really free

WordPress.org tells you that it is entirely free. But, well, that’s not true. At least not if you want your WordPress site to be fully online. In that case, you’ll need to make some additions. And the extra details that are needed to make this work will incur costs. Now, you must know the WordPress website development cost.

These costs fall into the following categories

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name
  • Design and themes
  • Plugins or extensions
  • E-commerce material
  • Your time

Explain what each category means and how much it will cost. Many other online businesses use WordPress, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for your business. Take a look at each category to determine if this is true.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Website With WordPress?

There are two types of WordPress website development cost associated

  1. Necessary Costs: even with the simplest of websites, it is almost impossible to avoid these costs. Consider this the minimum cost to produce a WordPress website.
  2. Optional But Possible Costs: these can be avoided if you are willing to make some sacrifices, but at least a small expense will be unavoidable.

Two Types Of Costs Associated With Creating A website With WordPress 

There are two costs to avoid when creating a website with WordPress.

  1. Hosting: Hosting is the company that stores your WordPress CMS files and allows you to access your website from anywhere on the Internet.
  2. Domain Name: A domain name is the permanent address of a website on the Internet. For example, “ninjaseo.com.br”.

While there is free WordPress hosting is not a viable option for a business website designed to build trust with visitors and potential customers.

How Much Does WordPress Hosting Cost?

Web hosting plays an essential role in the performance of a website as well as its security. The cheapest hosting that offers space for a WordPress site is shared hosting. If you are just starting out with a website, you will need shared hosting (until your website becomes successful and you need to upgrade to a higher level of hosting).

A list of recommended hosting companies will help you find quality options for a low (and very affordable) monthly cost.

For example.

  • Cloud hosting – fixed monthly or annual fee
  • BqHost – reseller hosting

If your website is growing or you just need high-end hosting, you can choose managed WordPress hosting. It is more expensive. Here are some recommended hosting services.

  • Cloudways – fixed monthly or annual fee.
  • AdvenHost – fixed price per month or per year.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost?

The cost of a domain name depends on two factors.

  • Where the domain name is registered.
  • Which domain extension is used.

The world’s most common domain name extension is .com, which usually costs an annual fee (per year) when purchased from a domain registrar such as Namecheap or Google Domains.

Some domain suffixes are cheaper, like .info, while others are more expensive. Optional but potentially expensive to set up a WordPress website.

To customize a WordPress site to your needs, you will likely need two types of premium WordPress extensions in web development services.

  • Themes – Themes control the design structure of your website.
  • Add-ons – Add-ons add new functionality to your website.

The first thing to know is that thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins exist. Therefore, these costs are optional.

If you have a limited budget, you can avoid these costs and use all the free extensions at a specific price. Some free extensions even have quite a bit of leeway in terms of functionality. For example, the accessible version of Elementor on WordPress.org already allows users to create responsive content and landing pages using a drag-and-drop visual editor.

However, most WordPress users need at least some advanced extensions.

Developers tend to lock in the best features behind the paid versions. Therefore, if you want these features, you have to pay for them. So, how much does it cost to develop a WordPress website?

Average Cost Per Site 

The average cost per site is

  • Wp-Rocket = 49 $/year.
  • Yoast Premium = 89 $/year.
  • Elementor = 49 $/year
  • WordPress Theme = 40 $

Multiplying the total cost of 227 USD by the dollar rate of R$5, we get R$1,135. We made a website for a small client with the official plugin and the Elementor theme for a similar cost.

WordPress Website Development Pricing By Business Type 

The organizations offer WordPress website development cost in the USA according to the business type, so you can estimate from the table below.

Business Type Average Upfront WordPress Cost Average Ongoing WordPress Cost
Small Business Website $60 – $2000 / one-time $250 – $600 / yr.
Ecommerce $4500 – $50,000 / one-time $900 – $2500 / yr.
Mid-sized Business $7000 – $30,000 / one-time $1500 – $4500 / yr.
Enterprise Business $900 – $100000 / one-time $4500 – $13,000 / yr.


Advantages Of Choosing Rankster Tech To Create A Website

What you can expect from a digital agency when building a website.

  • Advice on the type of website best suited to your business.
  • Reasonable assistance for the maintenance of your website after its creation.
  • Help in selecting a hosting provider and installing your website on their servers.
  • These organizations offer incentives. Rankster Tech offers world-class web development services in this regard.

Summarizing The WordPress website development cost

The WordPress website development cost is increasing. These two costs are in addition to the minimum cost of maintaining a WordPress website for a year.

So, you can create a functional website, accessible from anywhere in the world, with a WordPress CMS.

But to turn that “business website” into a “dream website”, you may need a quality WordPress extension or the help of a professional web developer.